Fake weed or K2/Spice is becoming a serious issue in DC. It’s being marketed directly to you and your friends and because this drug is easily accessible, many people think it is safe. But, it’s not. That’s why this campaign was created.  To give you the information you need about fake weed and other synthetics including:

• What it is
• What it is made of
• How it affects you and your health
• Whether it is legal

With the K2 Zombie DC campaign, we want to give you the information you need about fake weed. We know you’re smart enough to make decision about using fake weed. But, don’t just get the information for yourself, share it with your friends and family.

The effects of fake weed can be severely harmful. Fake weed causes extreme anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, alienation/disassociation, psychotic episodes and hallucinations.  This behavior has been labeled the “zombie” effect.  The truth is there is no way to tell how fake weed will affect you and your body because we are all different.  Using it just once can cause serious health effects, even be deadly.

We also want to get you, your friends and parents involved in the campaign. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @ K2ZombieDC and friend us on Facebook @ K2ZombieDC.  Look out for events and activities happening in the city to receive more information or materials about the campaign.


Sponsoring agency information:

In response to the prevalence fake weed use among youth in DC, the DC Department of Health’s Addiction Prevention & Recovery Administration launched the comprehensive social marketing campaign, K2 Zombie DC, in May 2013.

The mission of the DC Department of Health is to promote and protect the health, safety and quality of life of residents, visitors and those doing business in the District of Columbia. DOH responsibilities include identifying health risks; educating the public; preventing and controlling diseases, injuries and exposure to environmental hazards; promoting effective community collaborations; and optimizing equitable access to community resources.

The mission of the Addiction Prevention & Recovery Administration is to ensure a continuum of quality substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery support services for District residents and families coping with the disease of addiction or who are at risk of becoming addicted to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs