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Youth and parents are not the only people who need to know about the dangers and effects of using synthetic drugs.

Although the long term effects of synthetic drugs on the body and mental health are not yet known, the immediate effects it can have on your family, job, and life could be long-lasting.

Synthetic drugs are chemical blends that mirror the effects of other well-known drugs like marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine. Fake weed, bath salts, and molly are all common synthetic drugs that are extremely harmful and unsafe for people to consume or ingest by smoking, drinking, or eating.

Synthetic hallucinogens or stimulants can be found as pills, powders, crystals or liquids with names like bath salts, flakka, and molly, and are made with harmful inorganic chemicals.

The full danger of several of the synthetic chemicals that may be found in synthetic drugs has not yet been determined. The chemicals in these drugs means the effects could be deadly even if used only once.

Synthetic marijuana is a mixture of dried, shredded plant material, sprayed or mixed with chemicals, and are usually sold in small plastic packages or glass jars with different brand names such as K2, Scooby Snax, Bizzaro, Spice, Mr. Nice Guy or Red Dawn.

The synthetic drug packets labeled “Not for Human Consumption” are an attempt to shield the manufacturers, distributors and retail sellers from criminal prosecution. Furthermore, the packaging does not tell the user what chemicals are in it or the effects.

Synthetic drugs do not refer to a single substance but to multiple combinations of chemicals, which may be more toxic when taken together. These mind-altering chemicals are constantly evolving and the active ingredients are changing. No two packages of synthetic drugs are the same, even if they are in the same packaging or have the same name or brand; your mind and body will not react in the same way.

The sale or possession of synthetic drugs is illegal in the District of Columbia.

Mayor Muriel Bowser took quick action to combat the use and sale of synthetic drugs and worked with the DC Council to increase the penalties for any business found to be selling synthetic drugs. This gives police and regulatory officials more power to shut down bad acting businesses for illegal activity.

The District of Columbia now offers a drug test that will produce positive results for use of synthetic drugs.

Synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous, can lead to serious health risks, and can cause life-threatening reactions.

Some symptoms of synthetic drugs are memory loss, psychotic episodes, blackouts, brain damage, rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, and paranoia. Other side effects of these drugs may include seizures, suicidal behavior, erratic and violent behavior, and even death.

Synthetic drugs are manufactured substances intended to mimic the effects of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and methamphetamine. Some names of synthetic drugs are K2/Spice, bath salts, molly, flakka, etc.

Although the long term effects of synthetic drugs on the body and mental health are not yet known, the immediate effects it can have on your family, job, and life could be long-lasting.

Synthetic drug use is hard on relationships, friendships, and family. Possible deceptive and other out-of-character behaviors can cause loved ones to feel worried, confused, and scared. As is the case with many other types of substance abuse addiction, use of synthetic drugs can cause lasting damage to your family and relationships and contribute to separation and divorce.

In addition, synthetic drug use can have a negative socioeconomic impact. Users may resort to stealing money from their friends and family, or selling items from their homes to get the money needed to continue to buy drugs. Furthermore, synthetic drug use can set adults up for a difficult future as their performance at work fails to the point of receiving penalties or being terminated.

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