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Fake weed causes extreme anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, alienation/disassociation, psychotic episodes and hallucinations. This behavior has been labeled the “zombie” effect- and it’s serious.

In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reported that there were nearly 12,000 emergency room visits nationally resulting from fake weed use. The majority of those victims were ages 12 to 29.

The DC Prevention Center reports that K2/Spice or fake weed use among youth has increased significantly since 2008. The average age of a fake weed user in DC is 13½ years old.

This survival guide includes the information you need to avoid becoming a K2 Zombie so you can live a happy, healthy life in DC.


You may become a K2 Zombie or come in contact with a K2 Zombie if you or someone you know uses fake weed, an herbal mixture that containing dried, shredded plant material and harmful chemical additives. These additives are extremely harmful and unsafe for people to consume or ingest by smoking, drinking or eating, although many users smoke it like marijuana.


In addition to the “zombie effect” symptoms, the harmful chemicals in fake weed also cause rapid heart rate, vomiting, agitation, confusion, tremors and seizures, which often send users to the emergency room for treatment.


Manufacturers also place “not for human consumption” labels on fake weed products, although they know fake weed is usually smoked as a joint and that youth are purchasing it because they believe it’s harmless. Plus, youth can get it easily. Don’t fall for the trap.

Avoid these packages at tobacco and smoke shops, drug paraphernalia shops, gas stations, convenience stores and online.


1. Seek facts. There is lots of information about fake weed or K2/Spice. Use trusted resources, like the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

2. Ask questions. If you don’t understand something or need clarity about fake weed, just ask. Again, use trusted resources, like a school counselor, family members or your doctor.

3. Observe closely. You might see someone using fake weed at a party or after school. Notice how they behave or look then, or even sometime later.

4. Listen intently. If someone is encouraging you to try fake weed, what reasons are being given to make it sound like a positive choice? What did or didn’t the person say about using K2? If someone is encouraging you to stay away from fake weed or K2/Spice, how does that advice match with the facts that you’ve learned?

5. Embrace truths. When you have the facts and you see or hear about the effects of K2/Spice, consider that these descriptions or accounts may not be flukes or coincidence.

6. Weigh options. If someone offers you fake weed, or you’re thinking about trying it, what are reasons why you should turn it down? What are you risking? What are the possible consequences? What other more positive things or activities, can you do?

7. Act accordingly. You are armed with facts about fake weed. Make smart, informed decisions.

Things you’ll need:

• Access to K2ZombieDC.com for facts and information

• Parents and other caring adults

If you or someone you know is using fake weed, take these steps to avoid becoming a zombie:

• Stop using fake weed. Whether you feel the effects or not, fake weed may cause severe side effects to your body and brain. Fake weed is stored in the body long term and negative health effects could still occur after use.

• Seek medical attention. If you have used fake weed and feel side effects like rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, vomiting, seizures, loss of consciousness, extreme anxiety, paranoia, psychotic episodes or hallucinations, got to the emergency room.

• Toss the K2. Throw out any additional packages of fake weed you have in your possession.


DC Prevention Centers throughout the city have the resources to prevent and reverse the transformation of a K2 Zombie. If you or a friend is looking for information, facts or other advice about fake weed, visit the DC Prevention Centers online at drugfreeyouthdc.com or by using the contact information on our Local Resources Page.

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