WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — “A significant shift in violent and drug crimes” in D.C. in the last decade has prompted a new drug enforcement strategy, according to Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office.

Bowser made the announcement Monday morning, regarding the way D.C. will target suppliers who bring dangerous narcotics into the communities.

Mayor Bowser also announced legislation that allows Metropolitan Police Department and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs enhanced authority to crack down on the sale of synthetic drugs. The Department of Health will use its surveillance system to allow hospitals to report to the Department of Health when someone arrives with synthetic drug use-related issues.

WUSA9’s Bruce Johnson reports that D.C. stores caught selling synthetic drugs will be fined and closed for 96 hours for first offense. Chief Lanier added that the Metropolitan Police Department will not ignore petty crimes associated with drug users.

Mayor Bowser does not have numbers on how many retail stores are selling synthetic marijuana, however says they are in all eight Wards, Bruce Johnson reports.